Havells is manufacturing three phase LV Motors at Neemrana (Rajasthan). The motors are manufactured in technical collaboration with Lafert (one of the largest motor manufacturer in Europe) who are now the owners of AEG Electric Motors.

Temperature/time classification according to EN 12101-3

  • F200 corresponds to 200°C for 120 min
  • F250 corresponds to 250°C for 120 min
  • F300 corresponds to 300°C for 60 min

Testing & Test Certificates

The smoke-extraction motors are manufactured as per AEG* design. These motors have been tested & approved by Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany vide Certification No. 01/3260 12103-3 June 2002 D.5.1 & D.5.2 We at Havells have also made such motors under above certification & found them functionally sound under temperature of 300°C for 120 min for up to 315 Frame (200HP).

The Smoke-Extraction Motors operate as so called“Dual-Function Motors”:

  • Normal operation (no instance of fire): Incoming/Outgoing air flow
  • Fault operation (in case of fire)
  • Removal of smoke from escape & access routes
  • Supporting fire fighting by creating a smoke-free zone
  • Protecting devices & equipment
  • Reducing the heat stress of components during a fire
  • Reducing secondary damage due to thermal bi-products & hot gases

The Smoke-Extraction Motors operate as so called“Dual-Function Motors”:

  • The assignment of standard outputs is unchanged. This means that a larger construction size is not required for smoke-extraction motors
  • Radial-Flow & Axial-Flow fan drive are possible.
  • Self-ventilated motors with a metal fan impeller can be used as radial-flow fan drives.
  • Forced Air Cooled Motors can be used as axial-flow fan drives taking into account the required volumetric flow of motor cooling. In this case the driven fan performs the ventilation.